Where your money goes:

Your donation will support music education communities where studying music is a near impossibility. Children and adults will be provided opportunities to develop their creativity, learn integral life skills and experience the joy of making music.

Funds will support local teacher salaries, instrument purchase and maintenance, music resources and training workshops.

Part of our community development model includes contributing to the local economy as much as possible. In order to do so, we purchase many instruments locally, employ students at the vocational college to build classroom infrastructure and hire caterers for our training programs from within our local communities.


Monthly Sustainers

Our ground operations have a variety of costs that we would love your help with:

  • Instrument upkeep for one instrument = $25
  • One student taught = $125
  • One day of teacher training = $25
  • One week of a teacher salary = $100

Single Gifts

Help us fund some of our long-term goals: 

  • building a dedicated building for music in Geita
  • launch of our social enterprise in Mwanza

In-kind Donations

Donations and supplies help us serve our communities by keeping down costs. We are happy to accept working and well maintained instrument donations.
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Volunteer contributions

  • Run your own fundraiser! Host a live karaoke sing-along or a trivia night in support of BWTM. We can help you with communications and tools to organize it and collect donations.
  • Collaborate with us to share short/easy to understand instructional videos for components of music theory or tips and tricks for playing keyboard, drums, guitar, ukulele or percussion

With gratitude to our current institutional donors: