"Learning music in my community means building confidence, creativity, increasing work habits and success….Without this program, I had nowhere to learn music even though becoming a musician is my ambition and an opportunity for self-employment here."
- Deborah, 2018 BWTM music student

Music Programs

Operated by local teachers in Geita, BWTM aims to empower youth through fun group music lessons.

Focusing on the development of life skills such as teamwork, communication and creative problem solving, the program acts to use the healing power of music to support student's personal growth. BWTM also focuses on gender parity through supporting the equal participation of girls and women.

BWTM works to build community capacity through teacher training, by engaging local musicians in volunteerism and developing youth mentorship opportunities.

Our Impact

Since 2014, the program has:

  • provided lessons to 316 students in Geita
  • trained 22 teachers
  • provided 98 instruments to our local partner school
  • We have been asked to expand the classes to include more children and youth both inside and outside of the school. According to our teachers, the program brings joy to the students and the belief in the possibility of positive change in the community. With more resources, we look forward to bringing this joy and positivity to even more community members in Geita this year.