Leadership Team


Christie Ulicny, Founder & Director

Christie Ulicny is a community development specialist, educator, and Canadian recording artist. After completing her Bachelor of Education with an inner city focus, Christie set out to make an impact in education-based community development.

Christie is passionate about youth empowerment and providing others the opportunity to reach for their dreams. Bridging Worlds Through Music is Christie's dream in motion. In 2017, Christie completed her Master of Arts in Community Development at the University of Victoria, BC.


Samuel Limbe, Project Manager

Since 1996, Samuel has been working for the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania (AICT), he is now the General Secretary for AICT Diocese of Geita. Samuel is responsible for overseeing many of the community projects that happen throughout Geita. He is incredibly invested in building the capacity and well being of the community.

Samuel is a cornerstone to BWTM and we're grateful that he has taken on the role of Project Manager! Samuel ensures that the best interest of the community is always at heart!


Pendo, Program Director

Pendo is a certified teacher and program director for Anza Kwa Imani Foundation and Bridging Worlds Through Music. Pendo received her teacher training at Butimba Teacher Training College in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Pendo is passionate about supporting development projects in her community. When Pendo isn’t supporting community initiatives or raising her three children, she is learning music!

Advisory Committee Members


Andrew Biteen

Andrew works at Canadian Blood Services in Ottawa as a strategic consultant. Previously, Andrew spent 10 years in university programming and administration. Andrew has worked in Canada and the United States on programs expanding access to post-secondary education. He has visited 19 counties, including 5 across Africa, and looks forward to visiting more.


Jenny Fan

Jenny is a Canadian music educator who spent 5 years teaching music in Singapore and is now teaching in Ontario. She is also a classically trained pianist and has taught music theory, concert band and ukulele. Jenny is passionate about the value of music education and its positive impacts on communities.


Diana Matabwa

Diana who is from Kigoma, Tanzania earned her Bachelor's degree in Economics from McGill University. She currently works for a software company as a business development associate. As a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, she is passionate about the empowerment of youth and women. She believes in the power education has in achieving this, and in creating opportunities for Tanzania's future leaders.


Scarlett Njeri Muguthi

Scarlett is a software developer at Shopify and former Mastercard Foundation Scholar. Scarlett is from Nairobi, Kenya.